Our sweets are bites of childhood memories with a dash of unique flavors!

We are passionate about great tasting food and we take pleasure in sharing it with others. Our mission is to incorporate aromatic culinary herbs, flowers and spices with traditional European family recipes. We want our customers to experience a modern twist to classic favorites.

We believe in making the most of flavors and go through great lengths to ensure that you will taste every freshly ground spice and aromatic flavor. So, our freshly baked confections are made in small batches with simply good and seasonal ingredients. We use premium chocolates, vanilla beans and spices. We also locally source farm fresh dairy, eggs, herbs and most of our fruits.

Sweets should be at its purest state – unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings, and preservatives. We are just committed to the essence of quality, freshness and taste. All of our artisan confections are hand rolled, hand cut, and hand packaged. That means a bit of extra time and effort, but we know no other way!

Choose from our delicious everyday classic flavors like our spicy Mayan Chocolate Shortbread, Cinnamon Guava Shortbread to our Hibiscus Rose Marshmallows; or our seasonal specialties like Brown Sugar Pepita Sablés with Spiced Ganache, Chocolate Cassis Sablés with Raspberry Jam to our Spiced Pumpkin Seed Brittle.


Happy Eating!